With music ever evolving, you are certain to see and hear some of the best songs of all time being remade. Sometimes(rarely), the remakes are as good, or even better than the original. One of my favorites was Metallica covering Turn The Page by Bob Seger. There are also the covers that suck so bad, you'd wish to be deaf. One of the worst covers of all time, EVER, was Britney Spears covering Satisfaction (I Can't Get No) by The Rolling Stones.

I will say, personally, I do not condone covering great classic rock songs. The Beatles? You probably can never do it better than they did their own songs. Janis Joplin? Get out of here. Elvis Presley is titled the King for a reason! Who can rival these great musical icons? I think I just may have found the only band who can cover any and every classic rock song flawlessly. Behold: Mariachi Cabos!

Who can dispute the musical genius, here? Not I. And, if I know anything, neither can you! This is a whole new spin, something I have never heard before! If we had a restaurant in town with this Mariachi band playing, I would be there all night long! I would eat enough burritos to feed Kate PLUS eight, and order so many margaritas, Jose Cuervo himself would fall to his knees and yell, "AY DIOS MIO!" I don't know on which occasion I will ever need a Mariachi band covering Elvis, but up until now, I didn't even know such a thing existed. Let these guys kick off your weekend right!