A Northern Idaho man picked up a lottery ticket Monday, scratched it off, and won a hundred thousand dollars. So, he quit his job. Would you?

Kyle Messier from Post Falls Idaho, had been working at a fast food restaurant to save up some money for college.

Monday Kyle attempted to purchase a $20 scratcher, but the store was out. So, Kyle bought two $10 tickets, and ended up winning $100,000. (After taxes it's about $67,000.)

On Tuesday, instead of calling in sick, Kyle called in "rich" and quit his fast-food job. He plans on using the money for college, he and his girlfriend plan to get married, and he will use some of the money for her to go to college too.

($67,000 is not a lot of money... more than Kyle would have made in 5 years on his fast-food gig, but still not enough for most people to quit their job.)