This Halloween if you really want to scare the piss out of the youngsters.Have GWAR's Oderus Urungus read them a bedtime story. A classic, something like 'Goodnight Moon'.

The people at Loudwire got some exclusive video of the 43 billion-year-old metal god reciting the classic children's story, 'Goodnight Moon'. It was his first time seeing the book, so there is some pretty interesting commentary.

We have posted the censored version, just in case you really do want to show it to your kids and introduce them to their sweet Uncle Oderus. (It is GWAR, so the diehard fans are going to want the uncensored NSFW version of the video. Even if you aren't a fan, it's pretty funny, and Oderus does give some helpful advice. He warns,

...bears are not f*cking friendly, alright?"

Wait til you hear from Uncle Oderus for Christmas... Yikes!