If you could put your finger on one thing that changed the face of music and paved the way for rock and roll as we know it today. It would have to be Les Paul, musician and electronics genus, literally inventing the electric guitar. He did more than just that in how he also developed new ways to record music. But his development of the electric guitar forever changes the face of rock and roll. He would have been 98 today and to commemorate his achievements in his home town today there will be the grand opening of hiw own museum in his home town of Waukesha Wisconsin.

"It's now the most comprehensive account of Paul's work and influence, said Kirsten Villegas, the museum's president whose priority when she took over in 2008 was to finish the exhibit. "We really wanted to make sure that people not only learned about who Les Paul was but got an appreciation for the way he lived his life, and then could take his example and hopefully apply it to theirs." http://us.news-republic.com/Web/ArticleWeb.aspx?regionid=1&articleid=9841333.

Every player who ever wanted to rock craved a Lew Paul Guitar. And now the musical genius is going to get his true appreciation for his contribution to world of rock and roll.