Some one stole my dream! Did what I've always wanted to do!

You ever come out of a grocery store to your car in the parking lot and as you're putting the stuff in the car you notice a nice four inch ding in the door? Or a nice six inch scrape along the back door?

You come out of a club after a wonderful night and as you approach your car with you're date you notice some loving, caring person has keyed your side door?

You're in a hurry in traffic and you are doing your best to obey all traffic laws and remain relatively sane with the individual that just cut in front of you and is doing five miles under the speed limit and wont let you by them?

You are cruising up second street and some kid with thumping speakers that are rattling YOUR windows is right in front of you and refuses to change lanes and when you do he pulls right in front of you?

So I've experienced these and I've always wanted to take a little rail road iron and weld it all around my car. And drive around. And see who wants to change lanes now? Who wants to cut in front of me now? Who feels the need to cut me off in traffic. Well some one has beat me to the punch. So here are some pictures of his/her fine car. And I wish I had it. I'd "Mad Max" it all over town letting some of the "guys" with the big trucks know that is you fog me I'll bump you. Love it.