He changed the face of rock and roll. He inspired, motivated, enhanced and created a new canvas in the 60's with his music and unique guitar playing. Today there is only one Jimi Hendrix and he passed away 43 years ago last week. Remember he played up side down and backwards. To view and listen to his Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock still brings chills to my heart. Now you can listen to his final interview. Listen and learn.

"During the recording, backed by the sound of wine glasses, Hendrix says: “I’ve got to go and see Eric Clapton – and find out if he is as good as he thinks I am.” He also jokes: “That Scott Walker is prettier and sadder than Engelfluff Humperdinck. I can’t wait for him to fall over on stage and graze his knee so I can kiss it better.”http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/jimi-hendrix-final-interview-to-be-aired/

He was an enigma. A surreal artist that transcended the rock and roll scene of the time. Missed he is.