The leaves haven't started changing. The days are getting a little shorter. No one has told me how many shopping days I have until Christmas. But I know fall is creeping in. Because high school has begun.

The Kelly Walsh Trojans ran unto a buzz saw to begin their season losing to the Gillette Camels 52-12. I don't think Gillette is that good and I know Kelly Walsh is not that bad. High point for the Trojans was Austin Sullens having a decent night against a stingy Gillette defense.

Across town the NC Mustangs picked up where they left off after completing a perfect season last year. The Mustangs took down Cheyenne Central 40-20 as Turner and Anderson hooked up for three touchdowns.

The Mustangs will play Cheyenne East Friday night and the Trojans will play up in Sheridan against the Sheridan Broncs.

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