It’s rare that a smartphone commercial actually hits the mark when it comes to connecting with consumers.

T-Mobile’s got Carley Foulkes, but no one’s really buzzing about the actual product. AT&T’s had some super annoying spots that make you hate tech-snobs who brag about how ’2 seconds ago’ something is. Then, along comes the Nokia Lumia with multiple spots featuring SNL alum Chris Parnell thanking the masses for putting up with the poor quality of service of past phones, and acknowledging us as ‘beta’ testers.

In this particular spot, there’s one tester who stands out from the rest. She’s hard to miss with her bright eyes and face-melting smile. So, who is she?

She’s Natalie Dreyfuss. Name sound familiar? That’s because the 25 year old actress is the niece of Richard Dreyfuss. She’s appeared on ‘House’, ‘New Girl’, ‘Weeds’, ‘Lie to Me’, ‘The Shield’, and ‘Burn Notice’ in addition to a featured role on TBS’ short-lived 80s frat sitcom ‘Glory Daze’. On the big screen, she’s been in ‘National Treasure: Book of Secrets’, Sundance Special Jury Prize winner ‘Smashed’, and ‘Excision’, which stars AnnaLynne McCord and Traci Lords.

Her pics will make you say ‘Oh, my Lord’. If you have one. Ours has a lot of rings. We’d give Natalie a ring. A promise ring. We promise to keep the late night booty calls to a minimum. On our new Nokia Lumia.

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