Next to Christmas and birthdays one of the most stressful days for couples is Valentines Day. Just scheduling dinner can be a hassle. Here are a few tips to keep your Valentines day stress free.

Stress and Valentine’s Day

February 14, Valentine’s Day is known as the day of romance, couples, love, and stress?  Yes, stress!   It means buying the perfect gift, sending the perfect card, or making the perfect romantic gesture.   On the receiving end there is the stress of being disappointed.

So how do we end the stress and bring the holiday back to romance and love?

The same way you keep your relationship healthy.

COMMUNICATE!  Don’t guess.  Don’t grab the roses at the grocery store while you’re getting milk because you forgot.  Forget what you’re “supposed to do”.  Try asking what they want.  Plan something together, look forward to it.  The element of surprise is not a requirement.

Have reasonable expectations on your significant other.  Don’t make it a test.  Gifts from the heart shouldn’t be a rated and Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a test of one’s love for someone else.

Don’t take it so seriously.  Enjoy each other!!