Tuesday was parade day and all of us at the radio station are happy we didn't kill any one during one of the most highly attended parades in history. Wonderful parade.

At the fair it was kids night to ride their animals. To show mom and dad that they we're truly cowboys and cowgirls. Even when the fear in their eyes said something different.  And we caught a photo of a young girl with fear and abject dedication in her eyes and heart. She took her animal and rode it like an absolute champion. This is truly what the Central Wyoming Fair and Night Rodeo is all about. It's not about the rides or the games or even the midway. It's about the families showing their animals, riding at 6am with their horses,  trying to rope a goat and beat your best friend...and showing their pigs.

Come join us. We'll be on the midway tomorrow from 4 to 9 with an opportunity to win a new Dodge Dart. And get some free rodeo tickets.

Cowboy Up. Even with the kids.