We got an email from a woman complaining about truckers looking down from their cab into her car checking her out like perverts. I told her to cut them a break. They drive around by themselves for days delivering the goods we need. It's a thankless job, so if they feel the need to stare down at you or your woman once in a while, what's the big deal? I say they deserve a "Perv Pass." We asked our listeners if they agreed, and if they did, who else deserves a "Perv Pass"?
Below is who our listeners said they would forgive if caught checking them out. Now, we better talk about some of these. OB/GYN's? I think the listener meant just BEING one requires a "perv pass." I don't think they meant it's OK if OB/GYN's are caught checking women out on the road or in the grocery store! Ditto for police, I think. Enough of my thoughts, YOU VOTE: