"It's a good day to sit on mother earth." Those were the words that came out of Steve Weber's mouth as 13 people sat in pitch darkness, awaiting for the awakening of the "grand fathers" (rocks that had been specially picked and had been sitting in a fire for about three hours) that would allow the sweat to begin. Weber has been running sweats for over 15 years and has been bringing the Native American sweat lodge experience to thousands of people allowing them to engage in the spiritual, physical, emotional and inspirational experience.

There are four rounds or sessions (just as there are four directions, four individual seasons, four specific elements etc) where the Grandfather's or specially picked heated rocks are brought into the lodge, placed in the center of the lodge, blessed with sage, or ceder, and then as songs (four of them) are sung water is splashed on the heated rocks creating an intense steam that fills the lodge. It is about getting back to mother earth, back to one's begenning, and back to one's spiritual connectedness with the Creator.

After four rounds and the sweat is complete every one that sweats sits for a huge dinner. It's very communal and very spiritual experience.

Thanks to Steve and Dr. Diana Quealey Berge as well as all the other folks that came from out of town and in Casper to share their songs and prayers with me.