The Rolling Stones are filling arenas and concert venues across America on their 50'th year celebration. With the ability to purchase cannabis products pretty much over the counter in a number of states it seems a little silly now that the Rolling Stones were arrested and potentially could have been sentenced to a lengthy prison sentence. Back in 1967 however when the Stones were under investigation by the FBI and other numerous law enforcement agencies it was nothing to sneeze about when the Stones were arrested in their homes.

Mick Jagger said " “It was scary. We were facing the prospect of a few months inside. Looking back, it was all a bit extreme. It was unnecessary and a waste of everyone’s time and money. It was a bit silly, really.”

So for those that now are able to walk into a dispensary and buy your brownies know that the one of the greatest rock bands in history almost went to prison for what you consider common place.