Today is 4/20, and to a lot of people 4-20 is more about weed. So, how did 420 become associated with marijuana?

The way we hear it, 420 was just a slang term that a group of smokers used and it just sort of caught on.

Way back in the day in 1971, a group of stoners at San Rafael High School in California would meet up after school to smoke weed every day at 4:20 P.M. So, "4-20" eventually became their code for EVERYTHING marijuana related. Then the term spread when they used it around some traveling Grateful Dead fans, who adopted it.

Later on "HighTimes" magazine heard about it, and did a story, and now April 20 is 4/20 and sort of an unofficial holiday for potheads.

EER... enjoy some more 4-20 related humor...