When Joe Walsh releases "Analog Man," his first solo project in 20, fans will find a familiar sounding track titled "Funk 50!""Funk 50" is the sequel to the James Gang classic "Funk 49" from 1970. If you're fans of  ESPN Sunday Morning NFL Countdown, you've already heard some of Funk 50. In an interview with ultimate classic rock, Joe explained how the sequel came to life.

"ESPN called me at the beginning of football season," Walsh recalled. “They said ‘we love ‘Funk 49' and we need some music for the show this season, so can you make it something like ‘Funk 49,’ but not ‘Funk 49!’"

In the end Walsh created a minute piece of music with the same groove and flavor of Funk 49, but different and the project took on a life of it's own.

“I thought ‘wow, that came out really good’ -- I should write a couple of verses and make it a little longer and put on the album.’  So that’s what I did," Walsh said. "It’s still pretty short, but I just thought that was too good of an idea to leave at a minute. They wanted 'not Funk 49,' so I thought well, we’ll just call it ‘Funk 50’ and throw it out there!”

Joe Walsh  fans can look for Analog Man to be released on June 5th.

James Gang 'Funk 49'