Stihl Will is Alive. So I'm driving down in what I call the tree streets. I stop at a stop sign, look over on my left, and here is this dude who's not only cutting down trees....he's juggling chain saws. Chain saws!! Had to talk to him. Find out he's a recovering addict fresh out of treatment and he finds his recovery in the trees. Literally. He said in treatment he used to fantasize about sitting in trees, feeling the wind, and his sense of spirituality grow. He said he's gone from using drugs to using trees and he's as happy as he can be because he said "I'm alive. I'm not killing my self and I've found a purpose in the trees." He said the fall is the best time to get one's trees trimmed and he works for one of the local tree trimmers. He said he loves being clean and sober and more importantly he loves hanging out in trees. You might say he's turned over a new leaf.