Cross Town Rivalry. Bragging rights. Late night parking lot fodder. For the rest of the year every time you see your friends from across matter how much you like them or hate them....who ever wins the Peach Basket Classic has bragging rights for a whole year. A whole year! And for the last 10 years The Natrona County Mustangs Boys basketball team (8-13, 4-6) have had those bragging rights. Not any more.

The Kelly Walsh Boys Basketball team (12-11, 6-4) out hustled, out shot and out ran the NC Mustangs tonight to win the bragging rights for the next year winning the Peach Basket Classic 51-46. They did so with defense...defense and great guard play from senior Chandler Meeboer. The loss will greatly effect the seeding for the Mustang's in next weeks Regional Tournament. For the Trojans. Tonight's win brings confidence.

In the girls match up the best team in girl 4A the Natrona County Fillies (19-3, 10-0) proved tonight they have earned that moniker in their overwhelming victory of the Kelly Walsh Trojan girls team 69-18.