MyHeritage,  a family-oriented social network service and genealogy website has taken a look at Christmas Past and Christmas now.

One hundred years ago "Dear Santa letters had a different feel to them. Kids during that time wished for far different items than kids of today.

Leading retailers like Toys R' Us, Target, Argos and Wal-Mart helped with the estimates of what is popular amongst  kids taste in 2013.

In a blog post on MyHeritage, editors explain that in 1913, parents often sent their children's "Dear Santa" letters to local newspapers for publishing. The most popular item at the time was candy. Meanwhile, today's leading gift is a Furby Boom, an interactive electronic critter that retails for $65.

A list of toys from 100 years ago compiled by MyHeritage:

Rocking horse
Toy train


Items on a 'Dear Santa' letter from 2013:

Furby Boom
Teksta Robotic puppy
LeapPad Ultra
Flying Fairy
Bug Hugs Elmo
Barbie Dream house
Giggly Monkey
Nerf Gun
Ninja Turtles