It was one of the most intriguing questions of this years inductees. Will Linda Ronstadt attend the ceremony, which takes place in Brooklyn, New York on April 10th? Linda recently let the world know she's battling Parkinson's disease, which has taken away her ability to sing. She will not attend the ceremonies because the disease makes it very hard to travel.

She explains, "I have to save traveling for things I really have to do.  I have to spend a certain amount of time visiting my family, and I have to spend a little bit of time doing things that are professional.  But I just can't travel casually.  It's too hard."

Just like many other artists Linda explained the recognition isn't all that important to her.

"I haven't given it one thought," she admits.  "It wasn't anything I ever thought about.  I never thought of myself as a rock' n' roll singer; I sang it, [but] it's just one of the things I sang.  I sang a lot of different stuff."

I'm totally disappointed she won't make it, but I understand all to well the devastation brought on by Parkinson's. My mom suffers the same disease and it's not good. If she's happy and healthy then that's all that matters. I wish good health to a lady with a beautiful voice.

Glenn Frey, who was a member of Linda's backing band before co-founding The Eagles, will induct Ronstadt into the Hall of Fame.  She also will be the subject of a musical tribute featuring Stevie Nicks, Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris, Sheryl Crow and Carrie Underwood.

Meanwhile, a new Ronstadt compilation titled Duets will be released on April 8.  The 15-track collection will feature the singer's collaboration with such stars as Harris, Don Henley, James Taylor, Dolly Parton, Aaron Neville, Bette Midler and Frank Sinatra.

"I prefer duets to anything else," Ronstadt tells Billboard.  "When you sing with somebody else, if you're listening and paying attention, your voice will take on colors and tones and textures that you might not be inclined to exercise when you're just singing by yourself."

Linda talks life with Parkinson's