Though 107.9 The River's demographics don't generally skew down to the 10 year old age bracket. The radio station recently found out we have a devoted River Rocker, who recently celebrated a birthday. Jasper Declan Sullivan moved up to the ripe old age of eleven just last week. At eleven a young man's birthday wishes (as they relate to the gift side of the ledger) are generally pretty predictable. Bikes, video games, Avenger's bed sheets. But Jasper's main, number one birthday request, was a shout out on the River...during my (Doc's) show.




"I think the music is totally awesome," and as for the DJ..."Doc's the best in town by far".....(ok I threw that in for me he really didn't say that).  Jasper said he listens all the time,  when he's not in school, and his mom Jennifer said he really is a devoted listener. "Every time we're in the car it has to be 107.9 or an arguments on because his  dad likes country." So Jasper...all of us at the River wish you a huge success for year 12...and thanks for listening. Now if only you can convert your dad!