For me listening to Johnny Cash as a kid was not like listening to any particular musical genre. Not country, or blues or even rock and roll. It was just Johnny Cash. And to walk with him through his incredibly painful life, through his music, was a gift. There was only one Johnny Cash. Now for all of us there is a new door opening up on his music.

"A long-lost Johnny Cash album entitled Out Among The Stars is to be released in March next year. It was recorded during his tenure with Columbia Records in the early 1980s but was filed away and forgotten ahead of his move to Mercury in 1986. It’s thought Out Among The Stars fills the gap between 1983′s Johnny 99, his 69th release, and 1985′s Rainbow, his 70th."

So now I get to spend a little more time with a musical icon. And again feel the pain, and the heat of Johnny Cash.