Every body thought I was weird, when I was young, because I had found this band that was just not like any of the others. Their sound and approach to rock and role was unique. I listened to this strange band called the Velvet Underground. Urging those to "Take a walk on the wild side."  And I thought Lou Reed was one of the most amazing artist and rock n rollers combined. He actually played incredible rock that had a deeper purpose and message. Lou Reed was an icon of rock and roll. And though he suffered through a number of years of substance abuse he has been clean and sober since the 80's. And now he is no longer with us. Sober since the 1980s and a practitioner of Tai Chi, Mr. Reed had a liver transplant in May in Cleveland. “I am a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry,” he wrote in a public statement upon his release. “I am bigger and stronger than ever.” "Lou Reed, the principal singer in the Velvet Underground, a band that had profound impact on the high-I.Q., low-virtuosity stratum of alternative and underground rock around the world, has died, his literary agent, Andrew Wylie, said on Sunday. He was 71."http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/28/arts/music/lou-reed-dies-at-71.html?_r=0

His music, his art, and his contributions to human society will be missed.