I thought the band Loverboy was gone into the wind. I come to find out that the band is touring and will be releasing a whole new group of music.Loverboy will release Unfinished Business, their first fully-new album in seven years, next month. "In 2012 the Canadian veterans launched Rock n'Roll Revival featuring nine re-recorded classics plus three new numbers. Its follow-up contains 10 previously unheard songs – although some of them are older than others. _Come Undone was written 40 years ago, guitarist Paul Dean reports.

He explains how the record was named: "We put the song titles up and explained to the fans that this album was 40 years in the making. It was a fun thing; some of the titles they came up with were hilarious, but perhaps a little inappropriate for Walmart. No question – Unfinished Business was the one." http://classicrock.teamrock.com/news/2014-06-19/loverboy-to-settle-unfinished-business