Family Circle magazine took a look into the private lives of moms in a recent survey and found  nearly a third of moms have gone a few years without having sex.553 women with a least one child took part in the survey and were forthcoming about their alcohol consumption. The results are pretty glaring, shocking actually.

An alarming fifty six percent told the magazine the believe they drink too much and 18 percent conceded they over indulge to excess once a month.

Lack of sex and drinking too much leads to lack of keeping in shape. Six in ten of the moms only work out once a month if at all and another 15 that exercise one day a week.

Although it seems they don't care too much about their physical condition, a quarter of moms say they'd take drastic measure to lose weight, including weight-loss surgery, an extreme diet or even an experimental pill, if one was made available to them.