I've been known to go off a little bit about drinking and driving. I've never hated on folks that drink, or folks that drive, just selfish, self centered folks who drink and drive. Seems like, according to reports, some one was coming down the hill by the events center, crossed over one lane of traffic (apparently cause they couldn't negotiate the long sweeping curve coming down the hill from Sidelines, and smashed into the brick  Mike Lansing Field sign. And of course then left the scene. As quickly as their smashed vehicle would take them.  From the debris field (and there was lots of it) it appears to be a truck. So some one out there absolutely knows who it is. Either it was your truck, or some one knows some one who's truck looks a little rough. How about letting me know who it is on the River's Face Book page. Heck, I'll give you a cash reward. Not a lot mind you but, well enough to find out who destroyed the brick work, and took off, and will pay to fix it. Hit me up with the info.