So, sometimes I just like to walk around cemeteries by myself. It's not weird. It's actually quite an interesting experience. Some may find it creepy, but it really isn't. Walking on the hallowed ground of Highland Park Cemetery isn't scary, but you do get a feeling. It's hard to explain. It's something deep inside your gut, sort of melancholy-like. You get a sense of history, and as cliche as it sounds, you get a sense of peacefulness.

As I was walking through this place, taking in the atmosphere, I started to pay attention to the actual tombstones. With very little to go by, one could tell that there were stories behind each and every one. The man who passed before his wife, the couple buried right next to each other over 50 years ago- it really is a sight to be seen. I decided to take some photos of some of the more interesting tombstones. Check them out below.

*Please note that out of respect for the departed, last names have been blurred out*