If back in October you would have said the University of Wyoming Cowboys Men's Basketball team would be playing an "in" game in the Mountain West Conference Tournament with the loser being the worst team in the conference I would have said you're crazy. But that's where we're at.That was before the Luke Martinez fiasco and numerous injuries plagued the Cowboys.

Tonight the Pokes (18-12, 4-12) will play the Nevada Wold Pack (12-18, 3-13) in the play in game in Las Vegs at the Mountain West Conference Tournament.

The Cowboys have beaten the Wold Pack twice this year, once by 11 in Reno and once in Laramie by 20. But the third times a charm thing is one of the toughest accomplishments in sports. That third win is terribly elusive. Just ask the Denver Bronco's. Tonight's game is going to go to the five players that want it the most. And the Wolf Pack don't want to end their season as the "Worst Team in the Mountain West Conference." Will the Cowboys bring their A game? Or will they bring the game they brought against Colorado State in Laramie? If it's the latter what once was a promising season will end in defeat and disappointment for the team, the city and the State.