Memorial Day. A day to remember. One this day I hope we get out of our self centered existence. And really do try and give some honor to so many people that made the ultimate sacrifice. So that I, and many like me, can go about our day with some sense of real freedom. To live in a country that is unique in human history only because so many faceless and nameless men and women paid the ultimate price. Today my Hero is my father. Captain William F. Shutts. A true American Hero. He flew B-25's during WWII. I can't imagine what went through his mind each day he got up. Showered, ate, then crawled in the the left seat of a B-25 knowing that this could be the day he doesn't come back. That he could give his life for a country so far away. My god what a feeling. And yet day in and day out he did just that. I am forever grateful to you Dad. For what you did. You are my Hero. I have his flight jacket at home. And ever now and then I take it out and put it on. And I get chills. Because I truly don't feel worthy to wear it. So I take it off, hold it in my arms for a minute, and then put it back into the closet. I miss you my Hero. Some day we'll be together again. Thank you for your sacrifice.