Before the days of social-media, rock stars were able live in obscurity. That was much of the fan appeal (the music) and wanting to know about their favorite stars. Jimmy Page has long had admirers longing to get at the mystery of the enigmatic guitarist. Page has shied away from the press much of his career, but a new book about will shine some light on and provide a greater understanding  of  the rock superstar.


Light & Shade will include discussions with the influential rocker on a variety of aspects of his career, from his years as a sought-after session musicians, through his Zeppelin heyday and beyond, to his various endeavors following the band's 1980 breakup.


Brad Tolinski longtime editorial director of Guitar World is compiling material from some 50 hours of interviews conducted with Page over a twenty year period.


Ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash calls Light & Shade "the most comprehensive & compelling collection of interviews, insights & historical anecdotes of one of rock and roll's premier guitarists, songwriters and producers ever compiled."


Page's work  speaks volumes and is some of the most revered classics of all time. His influence on a generation of guitarist (young and old) is unmatched.


Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett adds that the book "illuminates the haunted genius of Jimmy Page in an original and completely satisfying way," while ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons says, "This fine work will rock you!"


Light & Shade is scheduled to be on book store shelves in October.