When it comes to appealing to a certain audience, when your doing a radio show,  it's literally a science as to how it's determined who listens when. Number one with women 15 to 35 or number one overall 18 plus, or number one from three to four in the afternoon with french poodles with red birth marks....and now that I'm in a new time slot at 7pm at night I know that I'm going to have to appeal to a different demographic. Because those that listened to my show during the day don't necessarily listen to me now that I get to be the Night Time Terror on the river coming on at 7pm. But I've found I have at least two listeners, and they are avid River listeners, who don't fit the demographic. I mean they really don't fit the demographic for your average River listeners.  Jasper and Jolee Sullivan. They got turned on to classic rock listening in their vehicle and have become true Classic Rock Fans. Jasper told me "Steve Tyler moves better and is a better singer than Mick Jagger." They came down to visit the radio station and I told them we needed to get them on the web site. Their mom gets em in bed by 8...so they get the first hour. So you two get to bed, keep rockin....and really thanks for listening.