I took a trip one time to San Antonio Texas to see the Alamo, and was having a great time until ninjas swarmed the hotel. That's a tale for another time. Now we have a story out of California about a couple of Ninjas attacking and robbing a Medical Marijuana delivery truck.

Here's what happened... allegedly. Around 10PM last Friday, a delivery guy from a West Covina medical marijuana dispensary was just driving along (probably listening to some Grateful Dead or Phish) and making his stops. He had just made a delivery when a couple of Ninjas appeared out of nowhere. (I imagine that they were just a couple of guys with ninja masks wanting to get high, but they could be real ninjas. I wasn't there, so I can't be sure.) They threatened him, he dropped a bag containing an undetermined amount of weed and money and ran away. He was unharmed.

Police are currently investigating, and on the lookout for a couple of stoned ninjas.

(I am assuming that his explanation at work was something like... "Boss, man, seriously... you aren't going to believe what just happened bro... I got robbed man.  Robbed by a ninja, no... TWO ninjas man. Really dude, I got jumped by two ninjas and they had like throwing stars, ninja sticks and stuff. Dude, they took your weed")