Back when I was a younger man and thought I was a rock mogul. I had the opportunity to spend the evening with Journey. A friend of mine and I actually booked Journey into a small barn called J Flag Arena. They were gracious and understanding as we over booked the barn by about three hundred people. It was a memorable evening. I have always hoped for Steve Perry to join back with his band mates and do one last tour. Now it looks as if that will never happen."Journey’s management have shot down speculation that the band have been working towards some form of reunion with classic-era singer Steve Perry. Earlier this week Aristan News released a video clip in which the vocalist was asked whether anything was under way with guitarist Neal Schon, and replied:" I haven't work with Neal."  We’re trying. It’s tough. I’m doing my best in that area and I can only do so much.”

Here's hoping that for one last time Perry can stand on stage with what was and still is a phenomenal band.