My favorite conservative rock and roller Tedd Nugent says that he understands he has haters. But he doesn't hate back. Ted Nugent says he prays for his haters and insists he has contributed more to the world than all of them combined. "he controversial rocker came under fire from former Guns N' Roses drummer Matt Sorumn this week after a picture emerged of him holding up an animal he had apparently shot and killed with a crossbow. Musician Nugent is an avid hunter and owns a large hunting ranch in Michigan. He comes in for an endless stream of stick online from people sickened by the images he posts of animals he has killed.He tells Metal Assault: “People that hate me, I don't understand them. I mean, I understand that hate comes from ignorance and a negative life, but you know what I do, I pray for my haters.Why would you hate someone who has done benefits for children's and military charities? I do this every day. You've really got to have a dark, dark heart and sad, dilapidated soul to live to hate like that. So I wish them well and godspeed, and I hope they come out of that terrible dark place they're living in, because I'm a happy, fulfilled man and do everything for my fellow man."

For me this gives Cat Scratch Fever a whole new meaning.