Nadya Suleman ( Octomom) was scheduled to make an appearance at a strip club in Florida sometime in  July, but she pulled out of the gig when an employee of the club called her "a little crazy" on TV.

Owners of T’s Lounge in West Palm Beach have sent a letter to her via their lawyer, claiming Suleman failed to give written notice of her cancellation, according to The club is likely to sue if the performance does not go ahead as originally planned at a date in the near future.

Suleman's rep tells TMZ ,“Nadya will not be appearing at this club in July or in the future.” The rep adds, “Nadya felt defamed and was in fear for her life to step into a club where they have already set a negative tone.”

It's also being reported that Octomom will go after the club for defamation, and as retained an attorney.