Through o8ut Ozzy Osbourne's rock and roll career his use of controlled and uncontrolled substances was well documented. What was not known was how, because of those substances, he became abusive to his children and wife. "''I was a bad father, an abusive husband and I had an ego the size of India.''I spent decades of my life being an absolute idiot. I've got so many regrets I can't even remember half of them. But wives and kids are right at the top. It's pointless even saying sorry. I couldn't say it enough times.'' After years of being clean and sober Ozzy had a relapse over a year ago. "''There was no reason [for the relapse] except that I'm an alcoholic and one day you just look outside, it's a sunny day and you know nothing is going to come between you and a beer, and then you go right down the mud slide and you're crawling around on the floor wishing you didn't have to watch another sunrise.''But if you take cocaine you can drink forever. Cocaine and booze are the eggs and bacon of the addict's world, the perfect combination. And you just can't stop.'' Ozzy - whose real name is John Michael Osbourne - has since been sober for two years and attends daily Alcoholics Anonymous [AA] meetings to help him stay on track.