Kiss star Paul Stanley says that as a kid he was bullied. A lot. The KISS rocker - who was born with a deformed right ear and suffers from deafness as a result - was subjected to years of taunts by his classmates who referred to him as a ''monster''.  However he said he found strength when he opened up about being bullied as a child. "''My childhood wasn't very happy and carefree. The other kids called me monster, it was horrible. When your childhood was so painful then you are going to hide yourself. But the problem is: You can have secrets from other people, but not from yourself.'' However, the rhythm guitarist found that speaking out about his ''painful'' past proved to be a ''liberating'' experience and helped him to find inner strength. "''Nothing is more liberating than to get rid of your secret and start talking about it. Strength comes when you open up yourself and show who you really are, everything else is an illusion.''