When bands start out there usually isn't enough money to buy pizza. But as some groups reach super star status they usually hire an accountant. Some one they can trust to handle and over see the funds. Pear Jam's accountant was one of those guys the band thought they could rely on to over see the cash that began to flow in. He did look out after the money. He put it in his own pocket. "Rickey Charles Goodrich, 55, was responsible for thefts totaling £380,000 in the four years before he was sacked in 2010. In total he cost the band $566,000 once investigative expenses are added to the bill. It was later discovered Goodrich has transferred money from several band accounts to cover his own debts, and had used company credit cards to buy holidays, wine and other personal items, totalling $134,000." http://www.classicrockmagazine.com/news/pearl-jam-accountant-stole-400k-from-band/

I wish I had enough money for an accountant to steal. Heck. I'd go out and buy a new guitar.