Growing up in California and living all over the country, I never knew much about Wyoming until moving here this year. What an awesome state we live in.

The Cowboy State is one of the most beautiful places on earth. When you drive from Cheyenne to Sheridan and Pine Bluffs to Evanston, you have the opportunity to take scenery you won't find anywhere. We lived in Alaska before we moved here and it was breathtaking. Wyoming is now tops among our favorite places and states we've lived in.

The cloud formations over Casper Mountain, Yellowstone National Park, the plains around Cheyenne, green mountain valleys in the North and the moon-like landscape near Riverton all make out state the place to live, have fun, work, camp, fish, travel and we're proud to call it home. We've had the chance to travel a lot in the state in six months and the photos I've taken don't do Wyoming justice. It's far prettier than the scenes reflected in photos.

Make sure you do some travel in Wyoming this Summer and share your pictures with us.