This weekend up in Sheridan there is going to be a festival of some of Classic Rocks better bands. The festival is going to feature Great White and Queensryche to name a few of the bands. All the festival information is available right on the web site

Seems that Queensryche is going to offer some of their new album on line as they stream most of their new self titled lp. Though currently there are two versions of the band Queensryche as the former lead vocalists of the band, who was fired last year, has his own version of the band on the road. "The band remain locked in a legal struggle with former singer Geoff Tate, who formed his own Queensryche after being fired last year and released his album Frequency Unknown in April. Two versions of the band will exist until November, when a court will decide which of them is allowed to keep the name."

The version playing ins Sheridan this weekend has the original line up in tact.