Roberta Flack was blessed to be gifted with an angelic singing voice. A singer-songwriter who can easily adapt to many different music styles.

Flack is a four time Grammy winner that easily commands the world of Pop, R & B,  and Jazz. Roberta is prepping her first album in more than 8 years. February is the target date for release of the yet to be titled collection of Beatles songs.

Today, her cover of the Beatles "We Can Work It Out" will be released via iTunes.

Says Roberta:  "My passion for this project comes from the magical genius of the greatest songwriters of all time.  Love, inspiration, friendship and my own life's lessons come together when I sing the songs they created.  I am honored to be a part of the fabulous legacy of the Beatles."


A tribute concert in New York to celebrate what would've been George Harrison's 68th birthday was headlined by Flack.



Roberta Flack certainly told very personal, poignant stories with her lyrics.

Here's a sample of Flack's work: