The 7th annual Recovery Rocks event happened today at Washington Park with many agencies coming together to celebrate.Dan Cantine, co-founder of the 12-24 club, Jean Davies of the Casper Community Meth Committee,  Heidi Foy, Director of the 12-24 Club and Jadee Kroeger, Crime Prevention Officer for the City of Casper were on hand to welcome Casperites who came to support the work they do in the community.

Cantine greeted many of the participants with a handshake and words of encouragement saying, "Recovery is a tough road, but it's much easier when there's a place like the 12-24 club to give guidance and love to all that come through their doors." He also shared stories of his own and is determined to help those struggling with depression, alcoholism, drug abuse and any other hurdles they face. The battle is easier when you have people that care and intervene to help clients get their lives back on track.

Jadee Kroeger was very proud of the Tipsy Taxi program which has given out over 6, 000 rides in it's two and a half year existence. The program runs on donations and has come under fire in some circles.

"Some people see it as an enabler for people to drink, but in fact, the program exists and if people are using it, makes sense to have it, because without Tipsy Taxi those people would be behind the wheel!"

The statistics show the program has made a difference in Casper and Kroeger is happy to champion a program that keeps drivers safe on the street. He also shared some interesting stories of how the bar parking lots are full of cars when the police aren't busy and can do their routine patrols, but when things are busy in the City there seems to be less cars as bar patrons take chances and drive. The price of a DUI (DWI) is not worth taking that chance, so it makes sense to use such a potential service as the Tipsy Taxi program. There were plenty of people making donations to help the service thrive and continue.

Jesse Larson was on hand selling tickets for the 12-24's raffle of a 2012 Camaro. I learned from speaking with Jesse that he just recently moved to Casper, when I asked why he was involved he replied, "It's a way to give back to the community and it's all done with good spirit."  I didn't ask if he had used the services offered, and it really doesn't matter, but I was impressed that he was spending a beautiful Saturday afternoon doing exactly what he had to the community, we could use more giving souls to help those in need.

Heidi Foy, Director of the 12-24 Club was quick to point out the center has been doing work for twenty (20) years and made an open invitation for anyone wanting to learn what they do, to stop by the 12-24 club anytime and get the information first hand. Heidi is excited for the next event 'The Recovery Rally", Saturday, September 22nd at the Parkway Plaza with entertainment and the giveaway of the Camaro from Bob Ruwart Motors in Wheatland, Wyoming. If you have a ticket for the raffle you don't have to be present to win.

To all the sponsors, Casper Community Meth Committee, Wyoming Behavioral Institute, Wyoming Recovery, Central Wyoming Counseling Center, Wyoming Meth Project, and the 12-24 Club many thanks for a wonderful opportunity to come together and celebrate recovery in Casper.  Jim McBride and his wife gave their time providing a wonderful free meal to all in attendance, Johnny J's, The Avengers provided music, BACA motorcycle club for the face painting for all the kids, The Wagon Wheel for the inflatables, and everyone involved in the car and bike show.

Overall it was a great turnout and a beautiful day for a celebration and I was more than happy to be a part. Continued success to all agencies involved and those trying to get their lives back in order!