It's been 30 years since a hard working, blow the radar Midwest band gave us one of the true "classic" albums of all time. REO Speedwagon in 1981, with their album Hi Infidelity had a "Monster" on their hands that went straight to number 1 and remained there for 15 weeks.

Songs Like "Keep On Loving You, "Take It On The Run," and my favorite "Don't Let Him Go." Those were carefree college days, living off Mom and Dad. Now I'm the "Dad" reliving those days with the July 19th reissue of this career making disc.

Reissues are kind of like the flu now, they're everywhere, but this one offers something a bit different. It's a two disc set with the original record, and has previously unreleased demos. It's the demos that attract me to this particular reissue. A chance to hear a song in it's infancy and what it work out to be in the finished product.

Album art cover work was a big part of the experience for me, and the girl on the cover looks nice too.