That decibel defying round of applause you heard coming from Fremont County  was cancer patients rejoicing the opening of the Rocky Mountain Oncology Center.The 10033 square foot radiation oncology wing has opened in Lander. The new wing will improve cancer care in Fremont County and surrounding areas.This facility will improve the patient experience by making care more convenient and accessible.

“We are pleased to offer our patients radiation oncology services,” said Dr. Robert Tobin, radiation oncologist at RMOC. “RMOC has been providing medical oncology (chemotherapy) services in Fremont County for over 15 years. The new wing enables us to further devote our efforts to the people of Fremont County and provide the quality and expert care for which our team is known.”

The fight against cancer is highly technical area that uses sophisticated equipment.

Radiation therapy is a highly technical treatment involving an array of technologies and a large team of health care workers.  RMOC’s Department of Radiation Oncology offers state-of-the-art equipment and software, as well as highly trained and experienced professionals.  The practice’s multidisciplinary team consists of board-certified radiation oncologists, oncology nurses, radiation therapists, dosimetrists and physicists. Specially trained administrators, social workers, nutritionists and medical assistants also serve patients.

There's a planned open house later this summer.

RMOC Lander is located at:

15 Shrine Club Road

Lander, WY 82520