The bad boys of Rock and Roll just keep on rockin'. The Rolling Stones have been know to show up at real small venues while touring huge arenas. They played a surprise mini-gig in Paris earlier this year for just 27 fans on Valentine's Day. Now after a break due to the suicide death of Mick Jagger's girl friend the band is back on the road. "They performed their first-ever gig in Israel on Wednesday night, despite pro-Palestinian activists urging them to cancel the show over allegations of Israeli rights abuses.The band touched down in Tel Aviv on Monday aboard their private jet – emblazoned with their iconic tongue logo – accompanied by some 70 staff, according to Israeli media. Israeli promoter Shuki Weiss, once quoted as saying he would retire after bringing the Stones to Israel, had guaranteed the band $6.7 million (€4.9 million) for the one-night performance at Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park, according to a newspaper report.Rock music columnist Benny Dudkevitch told AFP the Stones had taken so long to reach Israel's shores because no promoter in the country had been willing to put down enough money to host them."

$6.7 million for a gig. Beats the $500 a night they used to get back in the sixties playing bars.