Richie Sambora is one hell of a guitar player. And last year when he pulled out of a Bon Jovi world tour literally hours before it was to begin, there was a lot of bruised egos and finger pointing. Sambora now says that it wasn't what every media out let said it was.  In a recent interview with Rock Magazine he said it was just a matter of freedom. And though he said he'll eventually play again with Bon Jovi. Right now he loves playing with his solo band. And the freedom. "He's gearing up for a European tour with his solo band, and admits he's enjoying his career more than he has done in some time.Sambora: “There's freedom there, obviously. That's one of the main things I was missing in music over the past years – and also in Bon Jovi, actually. There wasn't enough room to improvise, to have that moment where you can actually lose yourself musically."He's working on an album with his guitarist Orianthi, who has previously collaborated with Alice Cooper and Michael Jackson. He says his creative output is in full flow, adding: "What I've done is assemble an amazing group of musicians. I asked the guys in my band to express themselves and bring all the input they can."