I have to admit, when I fist saw the headline for this story, I didn't think much of it, surely this mother sent her child to school with a bag of potato chips and a candy bar... Not the case.

According to Fox News' America Live, an unsuspecting mother sent her daughter to school with a turkey sandwich, a banana, apple juice and a bag of potato chips. The school's response? They replaced the little girl's lunch with what I am sure was a very nutritious school lunch that apparently included chicken nuggets and sent her home with not only her uneaten bagged lunch, but also a bill for the replacement lunch!

As a parent of four, I can say without hesitation that I would have gone ballistic if this had happened to one of my kids. What was this school's lunch inspector thinking?! Oh yeah, you heard that right - "Lunch Inspector." Now, I understand that there are likely some kids that come to school with less-thaan-nutritious food, and the school needs to be on the lookout in order to ensure that the students aren't malnourished, but replacing a turkey sandwich and banana with chicken nuggets. What's the world coming to?

Check out the video, then comment below and tell us what you would do if this happened to YOUR kid.