Here's a fun way to share the magic of Christmas with family and friends.  It's the PNP-Portable North Pole console and it allows you to send a free personalized video message from Santa!

You can connect with Santa on his Facebook page and on his official website at where you can also find answers to many Christmas related questions like:

  • How do Santa's reindeer fly?
  • How many elves are there in Santa's Village?
  • What does Santa do when there is a fire in the chimney?
  • How does Santa deliver all his presents in only one night?
  • Does Santa eat the cookies that are left out for him?
  • How does Santa know if you've been naughty or nice?
  • How do we know if there are any elves nearby?
  • Where is Santa's Village?
  • Does Santa wear anything other than his famous red suit?
  • Does Santa Claus have any children?
  • Does Santa have any pets?
  • Why does Santa have a long white beard?
  • Does Santa get any presents at Christmas?