People can look ahead to 2013, by helping support those who fought one of the worst local disasters of 2012.

Calendars with pictures of the Sheepherder Hill fire on Casper Mountain are now available for sale.

Each calendar month features several pictures taken by the Casper Mountain Fire District personnel.

Casper Mountain Fire District

Walt Kussy of the Fire District, says the fire not only burned a lot of forest acreage, homes and cabins, it also burned a hole in the fire district's budget.  Some of that money has been recovered.

"The city of Casper was very well observant of the fire and they also, the donations from the city, the people of Casper and stuff like that to the fire department, to help the fire up on the mountain and stuff like that was very well appreciated."

Casper Mountain Fire District

Calendars are $15 each and are currently being sold at Wind City Books, located at 152 South Center Street in Casper.