In my younger years I did my fair share of booking bands. Tried my hand at bar bands and even did some relatively large shows. But there was only one real rock promoter. My hero was Sib Bernstein. The man that successfully brought the Beatles to the United States. Who booked Jimi Hendrix and The Stones not to mention some of the greatest Jazz Artists ever to walk the planet in the guise of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and John Coltrane.

And now he is no more. One of the most prolific music promoters ever to walk the earth has moved on. "Misty-eyed music promoter Sid Bernstein, who booked such top acts as Jimi Hendrix, Judy Garland and the Rolling Stones and hit the highest heights when he masterminded the Beatles' historic concerts at Shea Stadium and Carnegie Hall, died last Wednesday at age 95."

live music will really never be the same.