Paul McCartney has and will always be my favorite Beatle. His lexicon sometimes simple and playful then again very poignant and mood setting.

The music he created with John Lennon is legendary as is their group The Beatles. Their disc "1" is now available on CD and digital download too.

I always admired  that he and Linda  seemed to have  a great "celebrity marriage." Paul many times sang of love and we all know a little something about that emotion.

The Heather Mills drama was all over the news, gossip pages and of course the internet. Hard to feel sorry for her, but she should've known  the scrutiny that comes with being the wife of an international icon.

With that fiasco behind him now, Sir Paul is ready to move on girlfriend Nancy Shevell. Us Weekly is reporting the wedding will take place this weekend.

John, Paul, George and Ringo without a doubt shaped so much of what we call music today. Lucky to have heard their music collectively, as solo artist, and the Beatle influence on so many of the artist we enjoy today.

I wish Paul to be happy and loved with his third marriage.


Listen to the guitar on "No More Lonely Nights!"  Sound Familiar?





If you said David Gilmour, you're good!